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1、Product structure

■ The surface material is generally made of nylon layer and polyester PET layer. The nylon layer has excellent molding properties, but the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to electrolyte corrosion; PET has excellent high temperature resistance and electrolyte resistance, but the formability is slightly poor.

■ The AL layer adopts anti-corrosion treatment process and has excellent electrolyte resistance.

■ The DL layer is the aluminum foil and the surface dry-process adhesive layer.

■ Resin glue layer - special glue with excellent resistance to electrolyte.

■ The CPP layer has good electrolyte resistance and melt strength.

2. Process description

■ Jinshang new material aluminum-plastic film process takes into account the good punching performance of Japanese dry products and the excellent electrolyte resistance of thermal products.

■ The AL surface layer is compounded by ordinary dry compounding, which can effectively ensure the punching and forming performance.

■ The special resin adhesive layer of the AL inner layer is heated at a certain temperature and is compounded with CPP through special compounding equipment.

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